Exchange ProgramTMS offers a full line of Busch products and other limited brands for use in our pump exchange program.

If you have a pump failure and do not have a spare, just call 309-756-0955 and ask for assistance with a replacement. If the size and type of pump you require is available, TMS will either bring you a pump or ship you one. At this point you may take advantage of the program and permanently exchange your pump. You pay only for the repairs needed to bring your pump back to the manufacturer specs.

If you choose you may also have your pump repaired and returned to you. It is encouraged to all customers to use the exchange program as it saves the customer labor at the plant and shipping cost where applicable.

TMS.Pump.TrackingLabelBelow is a list of brands of exchange pumps we have in stock.

  • Busch
  • Busch Panda
  • Rietschle
  • Kinney
  • Beech Russ
  • MD Blowers
  • Leybold TMS.RootsPump.TrackingLabel

Track Your Pump’s Status


TMS provides you detailed photos at a secure Dropbox page where you can review your pump’s repair requirements, visually.TMS Vacuum Pump Repair Service Includes Pump Tracking Photos Online

Additionally, TMS tracks your pump’s repair or rebuild status within the shop, in real time.
TMS provides its service techs and their clients updates upon demand.
Ask your service tech for a demonstration of TMS’ online pump repair gallery, and samples of real time pump tracking documentation.TMS Vacuum Pump Repair Service Includes Pump Tracking Photos Online